Tube Corporate policy:

  • We do not accept affiliate payment for advertising, except if the product you're offering is exceptional;
  • We regularly check Advertised Websites and creatives. If we determine that your website or creative doesn't meet our Requirements, we may close the Advertiser's account without prior notification. In such cases, Advertisers shall not be entitled to the refund of the balance remaining on their account;
  • We reserve the right to accept/decline any website in our sole discretion;
  • There is no automated procedure for buying Ads. Every request is approved manually and everything can be negotiable.

Requirements for the advertisement:

  • Your website shouldn't be related to the category "Free Sites" - we do not sell traffic to any free adult sites (except sites with paid membership);
  • Your website shouldn't contain auto download, automatic audio or video;
  • Your website should be opened and working. If your site is temporarily unavailable or it is under construction and there is nothing but this note on the main page, you should not submit this site for approving. Server errors are also included. Blind links are prohibited;
  • Viruses, lockers, malware, phishing, ransomware are prohibited;
  • Your website should correspond to the declared subject. Sites which are identified by us as misleading are not allowed;
  • Abuse, beastiality, incest, rape, violence or other prohibited content is prohibited. Underage is not allowed either; 
  • Promotion of illegal products and services (for example, drugs) are not allowed;
  • Redirection on a page which wasn't stated in the signed agreement is prohibited;
  • Popups are prohibited;
  • Advertisements that use misleading close (X) buttons or link to a pop while closing them, are not allowed;
  • Banners, the visual effects of which irritate the eyesight of the user, are prohibited;
  • Creatives should not contain materials that promote illegal activities and violate other people's rights: copyright, trademark or other violation of intellectual property rights, the right to privacy, the right to publicity or other similar rights;
  • The pre-roll video advertisement should be easily recognizable as being an advertisement.

Characteristics of banners:

  • Acceptable banner formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, Flash, iframe;
  • The size of the banner should not exceed 1024 KB;
  • All animated texts and images should be shown for at least 2 seconds.
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