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How can I buy ads from Tube Corporate websites?
How can I buy ads from Tube Corporate websites?
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We sell our traffic traffic through self-serve platform ClickAdilla. You can buy ads both on the flat-rate model and on CPM.

How create campaign in ClickAdilla?

It’s quick and easy to setup advertising campaign. Sign up on the site and create an advertising campaign for your target. 

Choose an ad format

  • Web Push

  • Pre-Roll (In stream video)

  • Different banner types: Interstitial, Header, Footer, In-video etc.

  • Mobile and Desktop popunder

  • Native Ad

  • Navigation Bar link

Select targeting options:

  • GEO

  • OS

  • Browser

  • Carrier\Wi-Fi

  • Ip Range

  • IP2location type

  • Categories = Adult Categories and Mainstream traffic as well .

  • Device Type

  • Device Vendors

  • Languages


In your account in ClickAdilla you can find this widget, we call it Pricebox. It shows you volume traffic expectations which change depending on your bid. Bids can be changed any time you want.

Additional settings

  • Premium or RON websites;

  • Money or impression limits;

  • Campaign activity period;

  • Depending on the format, you need to download materials.

After creation, manager should approve your campaign. If there are no problems, you have to replenish account in ClickAdilla.

You can deposit through the following payment methods: 

  • Paxum

  • Bitcoin

  • Wire Transfer

  • CreditCard

  • Webmoney

  • ePayments 

PUSH Ads In ClickAdilla

  • Over 50 millions Push-subscribers collected on our partner's premium websites. ClickAdilla serve more than 540 millions impressions daily.

  • Fresh loyal subscriber base with great CTR.

  • Fraud free traffic.

  • Bid starts from 0.001$

  • Adult landing-pages are allowed. Most part of Ad Networks forbid it.


API Integration

For more experienced users, there is an API toolkit and, of course, detailed documentation.

If you have any questions, please contact ClickAdilla’s support team:


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