We buy gallery and embed traffic.
You can check rates for traffic at our website.

  • Gallery traffic is a type of traffic coming from Thumbnail Gallery Post or Movie Gallery Post or CJ-Tube websites only.
    TGP, MGP and CJ-Tube websites display thumbs that provide links to images or videos on original website.
    By clicking on a thumb displayed on TGP/MGP/CJ-Tube a user can visit the website which originally hosts an image/video related to the thumb on TGP/MGP/CJ-Tube
    You can read detailed information about buying gallery traffic at this section of Knowledge base.

  • Embed code gives opportunity to embed (to post) a video/image from original website to your page.
    In other words, it gives opportunity to play the video (or display image in full size) right on your website.
    After watching a video on your page a user can click on the video/image and visit the website which originally hosts the video/image.
    You can read detailed infomation about buying embed traffic at this section of Knowledge base.

  • Popunder traffic or pop-up advertising means that the AD window that contains a chosen website / landing page
    will appear hidden behind or in front of the main web browser window when a user clicks anywhere on your website.
    You can read detailed information about buying popunder traffic at this section of Knowledge base.

We are also interested in purchasing Mobile Redirect and Skim traffic.
Prices for the above mentioned traffic types are set individually for each particular seller.
If you are interested in selling such traffic, please get in touch with us.

If you want to send us any other type of traffic, please send us a letter with the following details:

  1. What kind of traffic you'd like to send?

  2. What is an approximate daily volume of traffic which you are going to send us?

  3. Are you going to send us Desktop or Mobile traffic?

  4. What are top GEO's of your traffic?

  5. Will we get mix GEO's, or will we be able to target specific ones?

We do not accept iframe, cheat, bot traffic etc.

We aren't interested in purchasing any kind of traffic from teaser networks and broker AD networks through an intermediary.
But we are always happy to work with owners or official representatives of networks directly.

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