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How can I verify my Direct Domain?
How can I verify my Direct Domain?
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Before we can activate Direct Domains option for your domain, we need to make sure that you own it. We do this by having you verify domain ownership. This protects your domain by ensuring that only your organization can use it to send traffic to Tube Corporate.
You must verify your domain before you can send traffic using Direct Domain option.

ATTENTION: If your site is temporarily unavailable or it is under construction and there is nothing but this note on the main page, you should not submit this site for approving.

Empty or unfinished sites will be totally rejected by us.

How to verify domain ownership:

1). Use one of the following methods:

a). Add a <meta> tag to your home page or upload html file to server

Meta Tag:

This method requires accessing your domain's web server but not uploading to it. Try doing this if you have write access to files on the server but can't upload new files.


b). Upload file:

Upload our Verification HTML-file (tubecorporate_com_verify.html) to the root folder (top-level folder) of your domain's website.
Do not upload it to a sub-folder. In short, the file must be visible at and not
The root folder's name can vary by hosting provider, but it's typically public_html, www, or wwwroot.

2. Enter one domain per line in the field on the right and click Submit

3. If you domains still has status "not verified"

After completing the steps described above, click Verify in table below on this page to let TubeCorporate know that you're done. After that, you'll know when verification is complete by checking the status of services.

You must complete verification within 30 days of adding domains or we'll remove your domain from our system and you'll have to add them again.
Usually it takes 1 day for our managers to approve a domain. If a domain submission falls on weekend, the approval will be processed on the nearest working day, which is usually Monday.

If you have problems while verification process, please let us know using Contact Form.

Verifying your domain does not disrupt your current Promo ID or affect other existing services.

If you didn't manage to send us at least 1,000 unique visitors within a week after your Direct Domain was verified and approved,
your domain will be automatically assigned a status "Not Verified", and you will have to submit your domain for verification again.
Meanwhile you can continue sending us traffic using Promo ID.

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