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What are your requirements for traffic quality?
What are your requirements for traffic quality?
Written by TubeCorporate Support
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1. Traffic is accepted only from legal resources. Under no circumstances do we accept any traffic from underage teen sites, rape sites, beastiality sites or any other sites that we deem innapropriate.

2. The usage of malware, adware, spyware and similar content is strictly forbidden.

If you think your site is questionable, just send us an email and we'll consider your appeal.

3. We DO NOT accept traffic from spam (emails, instant messages and other unsolicited postings) sites as well. If we discover that you are using this method to send traffic your account will be terminated without any payout.

If you have a double opt in email list please notify us first before advertising our sites with it.

4. We don’t pay for the traffic from users with inactive Java-script as well as for the traffic from users that don’t view the pictures.

5. We don't pay for traffic sent to deleted videos, so please remember to remove them in time. You can find the list of the deleted videos in your account.

6. It's forbidden to open our pages in frames and iframes.

Please note, we have an efficient anti-cheat system on hand, and perform traffic sources verification.
In case we find your traffic violating our terms, your account will be closed with all your balance on it.

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