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What are your requirements for Popunder traffic?
What are your requirements for Popunder traffic?
Written by TubeCorporate Support
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1. Traffic must be sent via our provided popunder code only.

2. It's forbidden to use our popunder link as a Return URL at traffic brokers.

3. We don't allow:

  • script modification;

  • exit or enter messages on popunder window will be treated as code modification;

  • cheating;

  • fraud clicks;

  • selling SAP traffic or using other similar systems (System of Active Promotion means that a webmaster pays users for clicks they make on a promoted website.);

  • placing system code on hacked websites or sites with no content;

  • bot traffic;

  • sites which violate legislation (underage teen sites, rape sites, beastiality sites or any other sites that we deem innapropriate. The usage of malware, adware, spyware and similar content is strictly forbidden).

In case we find your traffic or site violating our terms, your account will be closed with all your balance on it without a warning note.

4. If the quality of your traffic is extremely low and brings zero income we reserve the right to terminate the cooperation.

5. Conversion close to zero will be considered as a violation of the rules under paragraph "cheating", and leads to an appropriate sanction.

6. If there is a significant difference between conversion of your traffic and the average conversion within our partner program, your individual rate may be reduced.

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