Yes, we accept Embed traffic and pay for it in accordance with our regular rates.
Embed codes are available in Export Tools at your Webmaster Dashboard: in your Export Tools select "Feeds" and set up "embed" as well as other necessary parameters in the Fields.

You can also grab codes right from our tubes. Here is a list of pages with downloadable Embed dumps:

Download Txxx embed dump
Download HClips embed dump
Download HDZog embed dump
Download VoyeurHit embed dump

Download TheGay embed dump

Download ShemaleZ embed dump

Download VJAV embed dump

Download TubePornClassic embed dump


  • We pay for visitors sent to our site via embeds, but we don't pay for playing videos on your site. In other words, we pay only for those who visited our site after watching video on your site;

  • You can send traffic both from your Direct Domain and Promo ID;

  • You don't need to add & verify your domain if you import our embed videos to your website. Your traffic will be tracked according to unique partner ID in your embed code;

  • It is forbidden to overlap our advertisements in embed videos.

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