Do you accept Embed traffic?
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Yes, we accept Embed traffic and pay for clicks on and impressions of integrated ad formats (video pre-roll, in-page, iOS calendar ads) accordingly to enabled formats' rates.
Embed codes are available in Export Tools at your Webmaster Dashboard: in your Export Tools select "Feeds" and set up "embed" as well as other necessary parameters in the Fields.
Before deploying embeds, it is necessary to create an "Embed" type campign under Video section and set additional monetization (enable optional ad formats - InPage and iOS Calendar for better revenue):

After the campaign is saved, you will get the unique "source" value that would attribute to this campaign all the videos you embed from our sites with this parameter:

You can either grab embed codes from our tube sites directly or get those on "Gallery > Feeds" page. Be sure to activate an "Embed" flag and choose the proper campaign to attribute your embeds to. Embed feed link will be created in the bottom of the page, accordingly to feed preferences you set:

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