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What do the stats parameters which I get back mean?
What do the stats parameters which I get back mean?
Written by TubeCorporate Support
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In our statistics we pass you some parameters which may help you to identify the quality of your traffic.
These parameters are available on your dashboard and in API as well.

Statistics definitions:

Raws - 'raw visitors', meaning all visitors coming from your source (both unique and non-unique ones).

Proxy_visits - users coming through proxy servers, not real GEO IP addresses.
Big amount of proxy visits could lower the quality of your traffic and affect your eCPM in a negative way.

Productivity - ratio calculated by the formula 'clicks/visitors'.
Shows the quality of your traffic: how many clicks were made comparing to the amount of users sent.
The lower is the productivity percentage, the lower is the quality of a source.  

Sub IDs - if you add &subid={subid} to your links you'll be able to track quality of each of your sources.
To use this option properly, please, make sure your link looks like this example:{subid} 

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