How much money can I earn from this affiliate system?

The following rates are applied to Gallery traffic.
Please note that the rate may be changed upward or downward in accordance with the quality and uniqueness of your traffic.

The size of your earnings will be based on a simple sliding scale – the more traffic you bring to us, the more you get for every single hit.

Increase of rates depends on the sold traffic amount*:
0 - 100k: $2.00 and $0.25
100 - 200k - 4% extra
200 - 300k - 8% extra
300 - 400k - 12% extra
400 - 500k - 15% extra
500k+  - % - please contact a manager
*based on the total traffic on the account.

You can check our up-to-date Rate Table at our website.

 Referral Program:
You get 5% from the partners you refer.

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