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  1. Are Malware/viruses allowed?

  2. At what time we can grab stats by API?

  3. Can I earn on referrals?

  4. Can I send traffic from multiple sites?

  5. Can I send traffic to index or search page, latest update, popular etc.?

  6. Can I use a custom banner or a link?

  7. Can I use the same code on more than one website?

  8. Do I have to confirm my domain if I send traffic via Promo ID?

  9. Do I have to pay any taxes?

  10. Do you accept Embed traffic?

  11. Do you allow iframe or FLV banners?

  12. Do you provide any discounts?

  13. How can I get my payment?

  14. How can I verify my Direct Domain?

  15. How do you track visitors?

  16. How much money can I earn from this affiliate system?

  17. How to upload my videos?

  18. How to use Feeds?

  19. How to work your with our API?

  20. Is Sub IDs tracking option available?

  21. Is there a maximum amount of traffic I can send?

  22. Is there a minimum amount of traffic I have to send?

  23. Is there any delay in statistics and CPM delivery?

  24. Should I approve my domain if I want to send Popunder traffic?

  25. What Ad formats are allowed at Tube Corporate?

  26. What are your rates for Good and Bad countries?

  27. What are your requirements for Popunder traffic?

  28. What are your requirements for traffic quality?

  29. What do the stats parameters which I get back mean?

  30. What is a minimum payout amount?

  31. What kind of traffic do you accept?

  32. What payment methods do you accept?

  33. What statistics do you provide?

  34. What websites you buy traffic from?

  35. When do I get my earnings?

  36. Which timezone is used for Gallery stats update?

  37. Which timezone is used for Popunder stats update?

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